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5 Easy Ways to Increase Sponsorship Revenues with Event Apps

At Actigage, we are passionate about helping event organizers to go paperless at their events, energize attendee engagement, and increase sponsorship revenues.

I have already covered how Actigage’s Event app platform can help you go paperless and increase attendee engagement. In this article, I want to showcase the features in our platform that enable you to give Sponsors, the main pillars of most events, significantly higher visibility, which in turn has helped our event organizers to generate higher sponsorship revenues from their mobile Event app.

How to Increase Sponsorship Revenues at Your Event with Event apps

Here are the 5 features that can be used to increase sponsorship revenues with Event apps powered by Actigage:

Sponsor Banner

When we had just started building our Event app platform, event organizers used to ask us if we could display banner ads in the Event app. However, we resisted adding display ads that you see in free apps as we didn’t think that would be a good idea as they would have diluted the premium look and feel of an Event app. Event apps make events premium, so the last thing we wanted to do was to add banner ads.

But at the same time, we also recognised the need to give Sponsors better visibility in the app as it was quite non-intuitive to expect attendees to tap on the Sponsors menu to check who is Sponsoring the event. That is how the Sponsor Banner feature was born. It is inspired by the banner ad but by using information from the Sponsor module such as Sponsor logo, Company name and Sponsor category, it feels native, non-intrusive, and more importantly does not dilute the premium feel of the app. The Sponsor banners also rotate after every 15 seconds to give each Sponsor the much needed visibility. It has helped us drive traffic to a Sponsor’s website or Sponsor’s profile page by 4x.

Our event organizers tell us that Sponsors love the Sponsor Banner feature as it gives great visibility to them to a very targeted audience at the event.


Promote Sponsor Activities

One of the unique features available in our Event app platform, is the Event Highlights module. It allows you to highlight the key activities at an event on a particular day. Since the module is the Home screen of the app, it is a great way to highlight an activity sponsored by a company.

Event organizers have used it to highlight a Sponsored session such as a sponsored golf session, sponsored lunch etc. The full screen banner allows you to promote the sponsored activity in a beautiful and attractive way. You can link it to any page within the app, so a user can tap on the banner image on the Home screen to get more details.

The banner images are displayed with a carousel effect so you can add more than one sponsored activity on the home screen. You can also schedule different activities for different days.


Sponsor Listing

The Sponsor feature allows you to add all the sponsors of your event, and categorize them, so the main sponsors of the event get the appropriate visibility by adding them at the top.

You have the option to either display just the logo, or display the logo, the company name and the booth number.


Sponsor Profile

You can also provide the sponsor with the appropriate visibility by creating a profile page for them where you can add information about the company, the product and services, and also contact information. Thanks to Actigage’s easy to use Event App Builder, the Content Management System (CMS), you can add any type of text or HTML content using the WYSIWYG editor.


The Sponsors module is also integrated with the floor plan so when a user taps on the booth number, it will redirect the user to the floor plan and show the location of the Sponsor’s booth in the floor plan with a pin drop.

Sponsor Message (Coming Soon)

Very soon you will be able to send a Push Notification for the sponsor using the Event App Builder to promote the Sponsor’s product or service.

When a user taps on the Notification, it will redirect the user to a web view where you could add a call to action to redirect the attendee to a website or a product landing page to take action.

Events are a great platform to target potential customers as the audience is not only very targeted, they’re also a high-intend audience because a majority of the audience come for an event because they’re genuinely interested in that space.



Splash Screen

The Splash screen of the Event app is a great place to add the main Sponsor’s logo as it is seen every time the app is launched.

Event organizers tell us that they are able to get app sponsorships for the Event app by adding Sponsor’s logo in the Splash screen as it is seen by everyone who has downloaded the app.

Here’s a nice way an Event organizer has given visibility to their Event partners using the Splash screen.


Wi-Fi Password

Another simple way to promote your sponsor or sponsor’s product or service is to use the Sponsor’s name or product as the Wi-Fi password for the free Wi-Fi access at the venue. Since many people like to use the free Wi-Fi available at the venue, using the sponsor’s name as the password is a great way to give sponsor visibility, and provide greater value.


These are some of the great ways to give your sponsors visibility with your audience using Actigage’s Event app platform, and increase their return on investment, which will ultimately help you increase sponsorship. More importantly, unlike a paper-based programme book, we can collect important data to provide useful analytics that can be shared with your sponsors.

The best part is all this can be achieved using our simple and intuitive CMS, so no coding is required.

We understand how critical event sponsorship is to your event’s success, which is why we offer unique features to attract more sponsorship revenue.

Sign up right now to create your Event app for your next event or Conference to increase sponsorship revenues with Actigage.

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