Introducing 1:1 Meetings to Super Charge Networking at your Events with Actigage

Actigage was created with the vision to use technology to serve as an ice breaker to facilitate engagement at events. It’s our WHY. The name of our company is also derived from the words Actively Engage, so we are constantly looking at ways to increase attendee engagement at events with our Event apps.

When we launched the Messaging feature earlier in the year, we saw a significant increase in networking at the events. These days we seem to be more comfortable sending invites and chatting than we are to go and do a face to face introduction with strangers at an event.

Messaging was great to initiate a conversation before an event so that attendees can get to know each other and decide to meet at the event informally if they wished. But our customers wanted a more formal and measurable way to facilitate networking. They have told us that 1:1 Meetings was one of the best ways to show their exhibitors and sponsors a return on their investment and highlight the value of their events so they can continue to support them.

So we are delighted to announce the launch of our new feature 1:1 Meetings to supercharge networking at events. As the name suggests it will enable attendees to set up one to one meetings with each other before the event right within the Event app so that they can build rapport before they meet face to face. It will significantly improve the chances of building long term relationships that result in business transactions.

One of the challenges we had while designing the 1:1 Meetings feature was we didn’t want to offer Meetings and Messaging as two separate features which would have meant they would be accessible under separate menus. After all, you want to message people you want to meet face to face at the event to develop a rapport. So after a lot of brainstorming and prototyping we have designed the 1:1 Meetings feature in such a way that the messaging functionality is baked into it or vice versa. Attendees are going to find this innovative solution a lot more intuitive and easier to use than any other solution available in the market. We are confident that the integrated experience will result in significantly higher one to one meetings, which will help you provide higher return on investment to your Exhibitors and Sponsors and ultimately generate higher revenues.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how the 1:1 Meetings feature works:

STEP 1: Find people that match your interest.
STEP 2: Check person’s availability, and select a time slot.
STEP 3: Sender can send a message along with meeting invite.
STEP 4: Recipient accepts or declines the meeting invite.
STEP 5: Attendees can quickly see all their scheduled meetings and status of the invites.

That’s how easy it will be for an attendee to set up one to one meetings with other attendees, exhibitor or sponsor representatives within the Event app. Depending on the setting, the attendees can message each other after or even before the meeting has been accepted. The attendees will also get a notification reminding them that their 1:1 meeting will be taking place in 30 minutes so they have enough time to make it for the event.

As an organizer, you will also be able to get insights into how well the meetings feature is being used with the comprehensive reports we have created specially for the feature. You will be able to give your sponsors and exhibitors better visibility on their return on investments, and more importantly show the value of your events like never before.

Sign up right now to create your Event app for your next event or Conference to super charge networking for your delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.

We would love to speak to you about our new 1:1 Meetings feature, and understand if it covers the use case for your events. So feel free to email us at

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