Lead Retrieval

Introducing Leads Retrieval to Drive ROI at Your Events

After attending several events, conferences and trade shows, as an Exhibitors or a Sponsor, we have felt that the process of collecting leads is broken. You either had the old school option, which is to collect business cards, or you have to use a clunky hardware to scan visitors’ badge visiting your booth. The experience is even worse if you are a visitor. It feels like you are getting scanned like a product at a grocery store.

We wanted to improve the experience of capturing leads for Exhibitors and Sponsors, and at the same time provide event organisers with another great way to generate revenues using our Event tech solutions. So we are delighted to announce our all-new app, Actigage Leads.

Introducing Actigage Leads app

Lead Retrieval by Actigage includes the following features to improve the lead capturing experience for your Exhibitors and Sponsors at your events:

No Clunky Hardware to Buy or Rent

Exhibitor and Sponsor staff can download the Actigage Leads app that is available in the App Stores on their smartphones to effortlessly capture leads by scanning the attendee’s QR code either in Actigage’s Event app or attendee’s badge. They don’t need to buy or rent any clunky hardware. The Actigage Leads app is simple and intuitive to use so they can get started scanning leads in a matter of minutes.

Scan Leads with Lead Retrieval
Scan Leads effortlessly with Actigage Leads app

Qualify Leads and Capture Critical Sales Information

After the Exhibitor or Sponsor scans the lead, they can also qualify the lead by selecting the lead quality, and note down critical sales information in the Actigage Leads app, which makes it a far superior solution than a business card or a hardware device. It also makes it easy to prioritise leads for your Sponsors and Exhibitors, which is very important so they can immediately reach out to the hot and warm leads immediately after the event to increase the chances of a positive business outcome.

Qualify Leads and Capture Critical Sales Information
Qualify Leads and Capture Critical Sales Information

Works Offline

You can use the Actigage Leads app without an internet connection. The system will automatically sync the leads captured to the backend when you are connected to Wi-Fi or a data network.

Real-time Reports

You will get real-time insights into how you are driving ROI for your Sponsors and Exhibitors at your events, from lead quality to who scanned which lead.

Get Real-time Insights in the Actigage Leads portal
Get Real-time Insights in the Actigage Leads portal

Export Data to CRM

You can export the data and send them to your sponsors’ and exhibitors so they can import the leads data in their CRM. This allows them to follow up with potential customers immediately.

Export Data from Actigage Leads portal to CRM
Export Data from Actigage Leads portal to CRM

The Lead Retrieval module is a great way to help exhibitors and sponsors track ROI at your event. It also enables you to monetise your event by charging your Exhibitors and Sponsors for getting access to the Actigage Leads app or bundle it into your Sponsorship packages.

We are offering the Actigage Leads app on a per user license or for an attractive unlimited user license price. Contact us to offer the best event experience yet by combining the Leads app with our Event app.

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